Our Vision

To build self-esteem within young people, promoting a calm mind and active body.

We offer classes to young people in Mindfulness through Yoga and Performing Arts.

Our Vision

To build self-esteem within young people, promoting a calm mind and active body.

We offer classes to young people in Mindfulness, through Yoga and Performing Arts.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to practice maintaining awareness in the present moment by nonjudgmentally noticing thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations; it is paying attention to your purpose (Kabat-Zinn,2003).
Research has proven that Mindfulness helps improve mental health, physical health and wellbeing.
Awareness is the fundamental platform for life and learning.

Our Tools for Mindfulness


Free the body,
free the mind.


Release endorphins, practise pitch & find your voice


Explore empathy and emotions through dynamic & creative movement.


PLAY Is the keyword. Focus and release energy in a safe and upbeat environment.


It’s been a really enjoyable sequence of lessons…a great experience for students/staff to focus on themselves creating a really positive energy

Nicole Wallace

Head of P.E, Rugby High School

We had a workshop with Mindful Movers this morning. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Sam was great and so lovely with the children. I love the way he incorporates mindfulness exercises into the Musical Theatre Workshops – something the children really need right now. 

Hannah Shields

Principal, First Position Dance & Performing Arts

Sam and Joanne from Mindful Movers have such a great approach to coaching. In singing workshops Joanne does a fantastic job, where students feel comfortable coming out of their shell. In dance workshops Sam can tackle any challenge, giving beginners choreography to suit their level, whilst adapting for students with a higher ability. I can’t recommend Mindful Movers enough and look forward to working with them in the future.

Jake Weaver

Programme Manager, Dusemond Study Programmes

Mindful Movers provided my University Musical Theatre Society with a fantastic Mean Girls themed workshop. They worked amazingly with what we suggested ,meaning we were able to have a bespoke workshop tailored to the mixed abilities of the society whilst also appealing to the tastes of the group! This workshop which was really enjoyable helped to keep me engaged with Musical Theatre during lockdown as well as keeping spirits high within the society during these tough times! Thank you so much Sam and Joanne!!

Katherine Taylor

Student, Aberystwyth University